The Cost & Financing of Dental Implants

The Smile Design Specialists are proud to offer their patients the best dental health solutions at the most reasonable prices. And whether you have a simple need like a dental cleaning or a bigger issue such as a missing tooth, we offer many options to fit your every need and budget. You can rest assured that we are 100% committed to creating the perfect payment plan for you and your family. Below you will find some additional information about accepted forms of payment, insurance options, and other financial information for dental implants.

Your Payment Options

For your convenience, we accept the following types of payments for our services and products: cash, checks, insurance, credit cards, Prosper, LendingClub, and CareCredit.

Alternative Payment Plans

If you would like to discuss an alternative payment plan, please feel free to come in and speak to one our specially trained financial counselors. However, please be aware that alternative payment options must be agreed to in writing before you begin any procedures at the Smile Design Specialists.

How Insurance Works

To ensure that your experience at our offices is as easy as possible, we can help you complete all of your insurance paperwork and can even file it for you in our office the same day. However, we ask that you be aware that insurance estimates are based upon the information available at the time of your appointment. Any amounts quoted could change before your treatment and you will be responsible for any costs of your treatment that your insurance provider does not pay for. Additionally, please be ready with any co-payments when you check in for your appointment.


CareCredit is a credit line intended to help patients and their families pay for medical, dental, and veterinary expenses. The plan works much like a credit card. Patients simply apply as they would for a credit card and once approved, their account can be used like a credit card to pay for their services. The account can be used for multiple family members, different procedures or even emergency pet care. This can be handy for unexpected expenses or when insurance coverage does not pay for services.

To assist patients in finding the best payment options, CareCredit offers a variety of different interest rates and payment plans. Patients do not need to reapply for multiple procedures and there is no penalty for paying off the account balance early. However, we recommend that patients always check to be sure that their provider accepts CareCredit before they schedule or begin any services. For a complete list of providers or more information on how you can sign up for CareCredit, please check out

Why You Should Avoid Discount Deals

Sometimes our patients will notice bargain deals for dental implants. But are these deals to good to be true? The answer to this is sometimes. We encourage all of our patients to use caution, ask questions, be sure that the products and services offered are of excellent quality.

Our North Arlington, NJ patients can rest assured that The Smile Design Specialist only uses the highest quality products with a proven and safe history of placement and success. Please be aware that when you receive a quote, the total fee should include multiple parts of the procedure and not just the dental implant. Your quote should be written and should include fees for the cost of the implant, the surgery, and all related expenses. Sometimes there will also be costs added for x-rays, anesthetic and other services related to your oral surgery. Be sure to review your quote and ask questions so that you understand exactly what the charges are for.

Call Smile Design Specialist To Discuss Payment Options

Board certified prosthodontist Dr. Ekstein and his skilled staff proudly serve patients in the North Arlington, NJ and New York City areas and beyond. They offer the type of quality care that our patients need to restore their self-confidence and appearance with amazing dental implants. If you have questions about what makes a good dental implant candidate or the placement procedure, please feel free to peruse the rest of our specially designed dental implants website or call one of our staff members for more information.

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