Invisalign Cost & Financing

Here at the Smile Design Specialists we believe in offering the best oral health solutions at the most reasonable prices. Whether you are seeking treatment for a simple dental issue or a bigger one like orthodontic care, we offer options for every dental need and budget. This means that we are 100% committed to crafting the ideal payment plan for all patients who enter our North Arlington, NJ offices. Below you will find some additional details about our financing, insurance, and payment options for your Invisalign treatment.

What Are My Payment Options At The Smile Design Specialists?

For the ultimate convenience of our patients, we accept the following types of payment for our orthodontic services: cash, checks, credit cards, insurance, Prosper and CareCredit (third-party lenders). If you would like to discuss alternative payment options, please speak to one of our financial team members for more information. However, please be aware that payment options must be discussed and agreed to in writing before you begin any procedures in our offices.

Do The Smile Design Specialists Accept Insurance?

From the minute that you step into our North Arlington, NJ office, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you in determining your insurance coverage, assigning your benefits, and helping you to understand the cost of your treatment.

Most patients want to know if their dental insurance will cover the cost of their Invisalign treatment. We are more than happy to answer this question and provide any details you may need about your insurance coverage. Many insurance plans cover at least a portion of the cost. Our friendly staff can help you determine your coverage, complete your insurance paperwork, and can even file it for you in our office. However, please be aware that insurance estimates are based upon the information available at the time of your appointment. Any amounts quoted could change before your treatment and you will be responsible for any costs of your treatment that your insurance provider does not pay for.

Additionally, we also ask that you be ready with your co-payment when you check in for your appointment.

What Is Prosper and CareCredit?

CareCredit is a credit line intended to help patients and their families pay for their medical, dental, and veterinary expenses. Carecredit plans work much like a credit card, with patients applying for a line of credit. Once approved, the account can be used like a credit card to pay for services for multiple family members, different procedures, or even emergency pet care.

Prosper Healthcare Lending is a similar service, offering dental financing for patients without dental insurance. There are no prepayment penalties, longer terms than the standard 60 months, and even no interest attached to some 6 or 12 month plans. What’s more, neither the patient nor the provider are charged with fees for funding a loan.

To assist patients in finding the best payment options, CareCredit and Prosper Healthcare Lending offer a variety of different interest rates and payment plans. Patients do not need to reapply for multiple procedures and there is no penalty for paying off the account balance early. However, we recommend that patients always check to be sure that their provider accepts Prosper Healthcare Lending or CareCredit before they schedule or begin any services. For a complete list of providers or more information on how you can sign up for CareCredit or Prosper Healthcare Lending, please click the buttons below.

Why Patients Should Avoid Bargain Prices

We are all looking for a great deal and lower prices, but many of these products do not measure up when it comes to durability, strength, or quality. Additionally, you may receive steep discounts in the beginning, but then get stuck with surprise costs in the end when products need to be replaced or do not look they way they should.

Patients need only open a newspaper to see a wide variety of what look to be well-priced orthodontic deals. But are these bargain basement prices legitimate? The answer to this question is something that can often be discovered with a bit of research. Our North Arlington, NJ patients can rest assured that we only use the highest quality products with a proven and safe history of placement, use, and success. Please be aware that when you receive a quote, the total fee should include your entire treatment and not just a single part. Be sure to review your written quote and ask questions so that you understand what all the charges are for.

Call The Smile Design Specialists To Discuss Your Payment Options

Dr. Ekstein and his staff proudly serve patients in the North Arlington, NJ area with compassionate, cost-effective, and high-quality services to restore their self-confidence and appearance. If you have questions about what makes a good Invisalign candidate, please look through the rest of our website or call one of our staff members for more information. Then, when you are ready to get started on your treatment, call our office today for a no-obligation consultation.

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