Invisalign Teen

Today’s busy teenagers have enough to worry about without adding orthodontic care to those concerns. Don’t let your teen get bogged down with all the problems that can happen with traditional metal braces. Invisalign Teen offers teen patients a comfortable and convenient way to straighten teeth without the bulky, uncomfortable, and awkward appearance of metal braces.

What Is Invisalign Teen®?

Invisalign Teen is a revolutionary way for teens to straighten their teeth with clear, comfortable, and removable plastic aligners. If your teen is constantly on the go, Invisalign Teen can offer amazing alternatives to keep up with their busy lifestyle. Additionally, aligners can be removed for playing an instrument, brushing, eating, playing sports, and participating in special events. Plus, patients with Invisalign Teen in the North Arlington, NJ area need fewer office visits than patients with traditional braces.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Step One: Call our offices and schedule your no-obligation Invisalign Teen consultation with Dr. Ekstein. During this appointment, your teen will be given a thorough examination of their jaw, mouth, and teeth. The doctor will also use this appointment to make sure your teen is a good candidate for invisible braces. You and your teen can use this appointment as an opportunity to ask any additional questions you may have.

Step Two: Dr. Ekstein will make an impression of your teen’s teeth and send it to the Invisalign lab for custom-made aligners. Crafting your teen’s aligners is a precise process that ensures your teen will have the perfect treatment plan for their needs and goals.

Step Three: Your teen will receive their first set of clear plastic aligners which will be worn for about 2 weeks. The first set of aligners will be checked in our office to ensure a correct and accurate fit. The remaining sets can be sent directly to the patient.

Step Four: Your teen will receive a new set of aligners every couple of weeks to move their teeth gradually into the proper and ideal position.

What Happens If My Teen Loses Their Aligners?

Everyone knows teens are notorious for losing things. Fortunately, Invisalign Teen has you covered. Once you choose clear braces with the Smile Design Specialists, we will provide replacement aligners at no cost to you if your teen misplaces or damages them.

Knowing When to Change Your Aligners

Teens have a hard enough time keeping track of all the events they are involved in. Orthodontic care is no exception and parents can hardly expect busy teens to remember when to change their aligners. Invisalign Teen has a great tool called a Blue Dot Wear Indicator on each aligner. This convenient reminder gradually fades when your teen should move on to the next aligner in their series.

Added Benefits Of Invisalign For Teens

Here are some of the added benefits for your teen’s teeth when they choose Invisalign Teen:


Whether your teen likes to participate in sports or play a musical instrument, a mouth full of metal brackets and wires can hold them back from enjoying the things they want to do. It is also hard to perform these activities knowing they could get hit in the mouth, or injure their mouth. Invisalign Teen offers a great alternative that helps them focus on doing what they do best—being a teenager.


Every teen has at least one friend with braces who is not allowed to chew gum or eat certain foods like popcorn, corn on the cob, or whole apples. With Invisalign Teen, the plastic aligners are removable. This allows your teen to eat all of their favorite foods whenever they want. This also means they can brush and floss as they normally would for good oral hygiene.


Invisalign Teen aligners are made of a smooth, clear plastic that is nearly invisible. Your teen’s friends probably won’t even know they are wearing them. Instead of hiding behind ugly traditional braces, they can enjoy the confidence of smiling every day without a mouth of metal.

See Dr. Ekstein For Invisalign Teen In North Arlington, NJ

Would your teen benefit from a straight smile without the hassle or look of traditional braces? If so, your child might be a good candidate for Invisalign Teen. If you live in North Arlington or surrounding areas and want more information about how Invisalign Teen, contact the Smile Design Specialists. Our friendly staff is ready to answer all your questions about Invisalign teen, the benefits, and our financing options. Call us for an appointment with Dr. Ekstein now!

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