Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Dental Implants are Incredibly Versatile

Dental implants offer remarkable flexibility in that they allow implant pros like Dr. Ekstein to address almost any conceivable need. Implants make it possible to replace a single tooth, several teeth at once, or even all of your teeth.

Dental implants not only provide a strong foundation for single tooth or multiple tooth replacements where crowns will be used, but they can also provide the necessary foundation for an entire prosthetic bridge.

Implants are Structurally Sound and Truly Feel Natural

Dental implants are designed to function and feel just like your own teeth. Once your implants fully heal, you’ll find that the implants provide a comfortable and natural experience — just like you’d have with real teeth.

Additionally, you do not have to sacrifice structural stability to get natural feeling and superb functionality. Dental implants will securely anchor your replacement teeth in place so there’s no concern about shifting, clicking, or slippage.

Dental Implants Work Nicely With Surrounding Teeth

Because dental implants behave just like your real teeth they should have no impact on your surrounding real teeth. Implants do not require any modification of the surrounding teeth as they can be custom fabricated to any size.

One of the hallmarks of an expertly performed implant placement procedure is that the patient can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s artificial. If you can’t see or feel the difference it means the implant placements are perfect.

Implants Have Major Functional and Health Benefits

Dental implants can free you. While broken and missing teeth can alter your habits, dental implants are designed to restore perfect functionality and will allow you to eat and enjoy a wide variety of foods that you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

Dental implants positively impact your health in other ways, too. Because they are artificial, dental implants help to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and bone loss. In fact, there are virtually NO health-related concerns with dental implants.

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