Dental Cleanings & X-rays

Dental Cleanings -- Maintain Your Oral Health!

Smile Design Specialist recommends that you schedule routine dental cleanings in order to maintain good oral hygiene.

Professional cleaning by a hygienist can remove mineralized plaque that may develop even with careful brushing and flossing — particularly in areas that are difficult to reach.

It is recommended you come into the office for a cleaning once every six months.

Dental X-rays for Excellent Oral Health

X-ray technology has been established for decades and, from an oral health point of view, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks.

According to the ADA, numerous diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues cannot be detected from a basic oral exam without X-rays. An X-ray may uncover: areas of decay between the teeth or below fillings; bone infections; periodontal disease; abscesses or cysts; developmental abnormalities; some kinds of tumors.

Dr. Ekstein and the staff at Smile Design Specialist only take X-rays when needed and carefully adhere to all safety guidelines. The doctor can advise you on the frequency and need for x-rays when you visit the office.

Get Your Dental Cleanings Done by the Pros at SDS

At Smile Design Specialist we take a great deal of pride in what we do. Our job is to promote the highest level of oral health and overall well-being possible and each patient of ours can count on the very best care available. if you know you need your teeth cleaned and it has been more than 6 months please call the office to set up a cleaning appointment. Let’s take care of those pearly whites!

Dental X-rays Dome Right at Smile Design Specialist

X-rays are a normal and necessary part of maintaining your oral health because they allow us to discover things that simply cannot be detected upon basic oral examination. If you know it’s time for X-rays and it has been awhile then come on in! We take all necessary safety precautions here at Smile Design Specialist and you are in great hands!

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