The Dental Implant Process & Timeline Explained

Does the dental implant process work the same for everyone?

The baseline process for dental implant surgery and placement is always similar but never exactly the same. Every patient is unique, and therefore we customize the process for every patient to accommodate their needs. As always, we promise to make the process easy and convenient for you.

Do treatment and healing time frames vary?

Yes. Each patient is unique and therefore so is their care. Understand that for some patients it may take longer to heal from implant surgery than would be typical. Many factors, including oral and general health, affect the healing timetable. After consultation with an experienced implant professional like Dr. Ekstein will you know what the expectations should be.

A Typical Dental Implant Process Timeline...

Start with a no obligation dental implant consultation.

Dr. Ekstein begins with an evaluation of your oral health at the initial consultation. Once he fully understands your dental and medical history and personally examines you he will take time to explain his recommendations in great detail. Dr. Ekstein is a seasoned implant veteran so you can count on getting an expert’s opinion the first time. The timelines for all possible treatment options will be outlined after the examination. Dr. Ekstein determines all the factors of your dental implant needs and customizes the best treatment plan for you.

In some instances additional treatment planning sessions may be needed prior to the day of your dental implant procedure(s). Those are typically scheduled and completed within a week of the initial consultation.


When you arrive at Smile Design Specialist for your dental implant procedure(s) you will be brought into one of the operatory rooms and made comfortable. We then prepare you for the surgical procedures by administering the necessary local anesthetics and sedation protocols as appropriate. Your surgery will then take place.

Once the oral surgery team concludes there will be a resting period. At this time you will be treated with low-level application of Cold Laser. This treatment will help to reduce inflammation and promote rapid recovery.

Now that your temporary dental bridge is in place you may leave the office as soon as you are ready. The first follow-up appointment will be scheduled to occur about 1 to 2 weeks out from the implant procedure date.

If you experience any problems or discomfort (not at all typical) prior to the first scheduled follow-up appointment contact the office.


At your first follow-up appointment after implant surgery Dr. Ekstein will carefully examine the surgical locations in your mouth to make sure that you are properly healing. If Dr. Ekstein feels that you should come back in for additional follow-ups prior to receiving your permanent teeth he will discuss the particulars with you at this time and get you scheduled on a day and time that is convenient for you.

Between the time that you see us for your first follow-up appointment and when you receive your final prosthesis you will be healing. The implant bodies will be incorporating into the surrounding jawbone, which is called osseointegration.


Most people are ready at this point to receive their final implant teeth. Dr. Ekstein, a Board Certified Prosthodontist, will remove your temporary teeth and place the permanent teeth for you. Our implants are crafted with exceptional durability and our implant crowns are unsurpassed in their gorgeous aesthetic. You WILL be pleased and proud to smile once again!

How does it feel to eat, chew, and DO what your teeth were meant to do? How about... AMAZING!

Periodic visits for good oral health and maintenance!

Now that you have received your beautiful new implants they should be ready to perform for many, many years. We recommend you come in to Smile Design Specialist twice a year for hygiene maintenance so that you can keep your implants health for many years to come.

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