Are Implants Right For You?

If you are already looking for dental implants to solve one or more of a variety of dental needs then it is likely that you are indeed a candidate for dental implants. Read on to learn more…

Is there such a thing as an IDEAL dental implant candidate?

Yes, and that would be an individual who has a strong dental need for implants and is in relatively good oral and physical health. If you have lost one or more teeth or are about to lose some teeth then you are likely an ideal candidate based on need. Having said that, few people, and indeed few things in life are perfectly ideal which is why no obligation dental implant evaluation by a specialist like Dr. Ekstein is highly advised.

Some individuals who have experienced significant bone loss or show signs of periodontal disease may present a more complex set of circumstances — and that calls for a higher level of experience and capability. As a Board Certified Prosthodontist, Dr. Ekstein is without a doubt a good choice for both simple AND complex dental implant cases.

Is your age a consideration when your dental implant suitability?

The reality is that the vast majority of the time, dental implants are going to be appropriate whether you are a teen or in your 90s. Again, some scenarios can be more complex due to periodontal disease or significant bone loss. However, Dr. Ekstein is deeply experienced and will comprehensively assess your situation to provide expert guidance. As a seasoned Periodontist his experience with dental implants is hard to match.

If age is a factor in your dental implant case Dr. Ekstein will explain the options and limitations with you in great detail. Additionally, if you have been told that dental implants are not a good choice for you due to age, bone loss, or other reason then call Dr. Ekstein for a second opinion.

Find out if you are a good dental implant candidate -- CALL for a no obligation consultation.

Now you know what to look for, but IS there another way to know for certain that you are getting the best implant talent and experience? We think there is.

Dr. Richard Ekstein is the leading Board Certified Prosthodontist providing implants in New Jersey. Dr. Ekstein’s North Arlington, NJ office is within easy reach of all patients in the Bergen County Area.

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