Mouth Guards & Sports Guards

Why Use Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards (or sports guards) are essential to protecting active people and athletes of all ages against injuries to the lips, tongue, and soft tissues in the mouth. Additionally, mouth guards help to prevent damage to the teeth like chipping, breaking, nerve damage, and tooth loss. Mouth guards help you and your loved ones to avoid painful experiences, but they can also save you thousands of dollars in dental work which could be the result of any trauma to the mouth. If you or your child play any kind of contact sports, a mouth guard is an absolute necessity.

We Offer PlaySafe Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards in Kearny

At Smile Design Specialist, we recommend using heavy Pro PlaySafe mouth guards that are made in a dental lab. Though they cost a little more than other types of generic sports guards found in sporting good stores, they represent a much higher order of quality and can be used in any level of sports activity.

PlaySafe mouth guards have been shown to be more effective than other mouth guards and it’s simple to understand why — each mouth guard is custom fabricated for the individual who wears it. These mouth guards are capable of providing the wearer with the best possible protection and yet they are more comfortable than anything else you can get.

Play Hard, Play Smart -- with PlaySafe Mouth Guards

The quality of the mouth guard you choose has to be carefully considered. A generic piece of uniform plastic covering the teeth may not provide as much protection as you think it will, or that is necessary for the sports activity the wearer engages in. Also, simple mouth guards of the “boil and bite” type don’t always fit properly and can be uncomfortable. They could even make it harder to talk or breathe during activity. Is it any wonder that some athletes aren’t fully committed to wearing their mouth guard? This means greater mouth trauma risk!

Don't gamble with safety. Get a PlaySafe Mouth Guard!

The process is simple. We take impressions of the upper and lower arches to ensure a superior fit against the upper teeth AND lower teeth. The impressions are sent to a dental lab where the mouth guard is precision-fabricated over an anatomically correct model. Before you know it your mouth guard is delivered!

PlaySafe mouth guards come is a variety of colors. It is even possible to have your sports guard fabricated with a strap that can be connected to a helmet so it doesn’t get lost. It’s time to PlaySafe!

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