Partial and Full Dentures

When should you consider dentures?

Dentures can solve a number of problems for patients who need them. You should consider consulting with Dr. Ekstein about dentures if:

Do you need Full or Partial Dentures?

If you know you need dentures, whether they be full or partial dentures, Smile Design Specialist is ready to help you achieve the perfect fit so you can look and feel your best. Dr. Ekstein has decades of experience custom fitting dentures and, as a Board Certified Prosthodontist in Bergen County. He is exactly the kind of dentist you’ll want to see for your customized denture needs if you live in New Jersey or NYC.

Full and Partial Dentures Explained

Partials are just that — they replace part of a full arch of teeth. They can be made to replace just 1 or 2 teeth, or more teeth if necessary. Partials are fabricated with care and expertise for a perfect fit. Full dentures replace your entire upper or lower arch.

How does the process of receiving dentures begin at Smile Design Specialist?

First know that no dental provider type is a better choice for handing your full and partial denture needs than a prosthodontist like Dr. Richard Ekstein. Additionally, Dr. Ekstein and staff are entirely committed to ensuring that you are comfortable and completely informed about all the options during your visit to the office for dentures.

On your first visit to Dr. Ekstein’s office for dentures he will meet and greet you, taking you to his office where you can relax and have a discussion about your current situation. Once he understands your wants and needs he will examine your mouth in careful detail, as well as any existing dentures you may have now. Once the oral examination is complete Dr. Ekstein will share with you all of the necessary steps and timeline required to deliver you the most functional and comfortable dentures you’ve ever had. We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your new partial or full dentures!

Do you have to see someone else if you also need extractions?

Absolutely not. Dr. Richard Ekstein has a dedicated team of oral surgeons and staff that can handle the most complex of denture cases from beginning to end, and without the need to ever seek help from other dental offices. All impressions and extractions will be done on site by the most qualified and experienced pros in the field of dentistry.

In cases where extractions are performed, a denture will be placed immediately after the extractions. In many instances the immediate dentures you receive will be the permanent ones. However, sometimes the scenario dictates that they will not be the permanent denture. Some people need to be refitted after all healing is completed. When it comes to dentures, Smile Design Specialist has a long standing philosophy of never saving time at the expense of denture perfection.

Are your dentures going to be 'templated' by a lab, or custom fabricated?

Dr. Richard Ekstein uses only high quality labs for his dentures and only to do the final acrylic pouring. Prosthodontists have extensive training which enables them to go beyond normal dentistry, and in Dr. Ekstein’s case this is especially true. Your dentures will be fully customized by the premier denture provider in Bergen County, NJ — Dr. Ekstein himself.

Indeed, Smile Design Specialist is the place you come when you demand customized full or partial dentures. Dr. Ekstein is capable of making incredible dentures that fit and function, allowing you to live and eat in comfort.

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