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What You NEED to Know About TMJ Treatment Today

TMJ / TMD treatment and face pain treatments are not always consistently handled the way they should be, and this is cause for concern. While there are several explanations as to why this happens, the most telling may be that many doctors are not properly trained and equipped to diagnose TMJ pain and face pain, OR treat the underlying root causes. Many providers will prescribe muscle relaxers and pain medications that do not treat the underlying causes.

Recently, modern medicine been changing its thought process regarding the treatment of TMJ problems and face pain conditions with the advent of groundbreaking diagnostic tools. These new diagnostic technologies are capable of locating the neuromuscular force imbalances responsible for TMJ and face pain, while precisely measuring their contribution to pain and loss of function. This has let to pioneering treatment protocols that precisely target root causes, and yet their use is not widespread at this time. However, neuromuscular dentists like Dr. Ekstein DO have access to the latest diagnostic technologies and can treat you non-invasively, and without drugs.

Neuromuscular Dentistry may end your TMJ pain. Here's HOW.

Medications and invasive surgical procedures are no longer needed for many TMJ and orofacial pain conditions. The treatment protocols and and diagnostic technologies for managing TMJ and orofacial pain are not updating fast enough in the health care industry, but Dr. Ekstein is already there.

A thorough diagnosis by Dr. Ekstein at Smile Design Specialist is the first critical step. Uncovering the neuromuscular force problems that cause TMJ and orofacial pain will allow Dr. Ekstein to design a customized rehabilitation protocol to end the pain.

Read about some of the rehabilitation & treatment protocols we use at Smile Design Specialist to treat TMJ / TMD and orofacial pain:

Trigger Point Treatment

Manual massage techniques have proven quite effective in treating TMJ pain and orofacial pain conditions. Massaging the sub-dermal pockets of tension and pain (trigger points) can immediately reduce pain symptoms and any associated muscle tension.

The goal is to break up those knotty trigger points in the muscles of the face, head, neck, and shoulder areas. In fact, chronic tension, headaches, and migraines have all been known to accompany TMJ and face pain conditions. However, increasing blood flow to the appropriate areas can go a long way towards eliminating all of these painful problems. We also seek to reduce inflammation with trigger point manipulation because it helps the body to naturally heal.

Manual Manipulation

Alpha Stim Technology

Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) is used in pain patients to push low-level electrical signals into the muscles. The Alpha Stim device used in this office is capable of delivering a microcurrent with a unique waveform that interacts with the bioelectricity in the body. The result is that the TMJ pain or face pain patient will experience a reduction in pain intensity and frequency.

Electrical stimulation is an good choice for the treatment of TMD / TMJ and face pain because the electrical signals reduce muscle spasms that cause pain while reducing referral pain into other parts of the body. Electrical stimulation ‘scrambles’ pain signals that get transmitted to your brain and will promote the desired nerve stimulation.

Cranial Electrotherapy

Beneficial Soundwaves

Ultrasound technology emits sound waves into the musculature, and using it provides multiple benefits to the TMJ pain or face pain sufferer. In fact, ultrasound has proven successful in treating chronic pain conditions of many types.

Ultrasound is not noisy and does not hurt you. In fact, it feels quite pleasant. Most patients characterize the feeling as warm — like getting a gentle muscle massage. Ultrasound also helps return circulation to sore and strained muscles through increased blood flow and heat application.

With sound waves we can penetrate under the epidermis to our desired depth and treat the appropriate locations. This makes ultrasound a versatile treatment option in TMJ pain and face pain patients — all without any need to physically penetrate the skin.

Ultrasound of the Muscles

Cold Laser Technology

Cold laser technology is a treatment modality often used by NJHRC to rehabilitate trigger points in TMJ pain and face pain patients. Cold laser is used to treat trigger points with red light photons, or infrared. The photons work on the hard and soft tissues of the body to encourage rapid and thorough healing.

Low-level cold laser offers multiple benefits to those who suffer with TMJ pain or face pain. Cold laser reduces both pain and inflammation, which is exactly what we want to achieve.

Cold laser is also a good choice for TMD / TMJ and face pain because it promotes the reconnecting of critical neurological pathways.

Low-Level Cold Laser

Bite Force Realignment

Rehabilitation orthotics are an important part of our TMD / TMJ treatment protocols, as well as our treatments for face pain. At NJHRC we understand that long-term success is the goal, and TMJ pain relief or face pain relief is much, much easier to achieve when using rehabilitation orthotics.

The muscles of your head, neck, face, teeth, and jaws can become strained, strained and imbalanced over time. Harmony must then be restored and the dysfunction eliminated through neuromuscular rehabilitation. That’s where rehabilitation orthotics come in.

Dr. Ekstein employs various TMJ treatments to rehabilitate you, but uses a rehabilitation orthotic to make the progress stick. Occlusal adjustments will be needed to configure this device over your course of treatment. The adjustments are needed to achieve the optimal positions for the muscles. We need your head, neck, face, teeth, muscles and nerves all working perfectly in tandem — the way nature intended them to!

These breakthrough treatment protocols for TMD / TMJ and face pain are only offered by trained and experienced neuromuscular dentists.

Rehabilitation Orthotics

Don't let TMJ pain change how you live!

Getting properly treated for TMD / TMJ and face pain could set you free. The TMJ and face pain that forces you to change behaviors like your eating habits no longer has to control you. Just think of it — eating a bowl of crunchy cereal when you want or biting into a crisp apple, or chewing gum — all without intense pain!

Dr. Ekstein at the Smile Design Specialist in Bergen County, NJ offers pioneering examination and diagnosis to expose the root causes for your TMJ or face pain. In a single visit we precisely measure the bite forces in your mouth and jaw, measure limitations to your range of motion, and manipulate the muscles of the Stomatognathic System to locate pain triggers requiring rehabilitation. TMJ and orofacial pain CAN be eliminated for most sufferers.

It is even possible to completely eliminate TMJ and orofacial pain for the long-term, in as little as 8 to 12 weeks. Are you ready?

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