Types of Implants

Types of Dental Implants

We offer three types of cutting-edge Dental Implants:

Hiossen Titanium – these implants are frequently recommended and represent the highest standard in quality you can find anywhere in a titanium implant.

Trabecular Metal™ – these are placed directly into the jawbone and are shaped like cylindrical screws. Because they offer superior osseoincorporation properties, Trabecular Metal™ implants may be recommended if there are special concerns in working with a patient’s jawbone.

CeraRoot Ceramics (Zirconia) – these implants represent a breakthrough in implant materials technology and rely on the incredible strength of zirconia rather than metal. In fact, these dental implants are completely metal-free and great for individuals with metal allergies.

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“When you come in to see us at Smile Design Specialist for an implant consultation I’ll spend time with you fully explaining what types of implants I recommend, how the procedure will be performed, and what to expect during the healing process. I’ll answer every one of your questions and address all concerns during your consultation so that you’ll feel 100% confident in your decisions regarding dental implants.” — DR. EKSTEIN

Beyond Titanium: Trabecular Metal™ Dental Implants

Trabecular metal implants represent a quantum leap forward in materials and design technology for dental implants. Used when titanium is not an option, they have been called the next best thing to bone due to their excellent osseoincorporation characteristics.

Design – A Trabecular metal implant uses a three-dimensional material design, not an implant surface or coating, with a structure similar to cancellous bone. This allows for osseoincorporation, or efficient bone ingrowth, which means patients enjoy a healthy and super stable dental implant with a low modulus of elasticity. Trabecular dental implants have been designed to withstand wear and tear for a very long time.

Materials – Trabecular metal has been in use for over a decade in implantable orthopaedic devices and this unique technology is now available for use in implant dentistry with the advent of the Trabecular Metal Dental Implant. While titanium is still the most frequently used metal in implant dentistry, trabecular implants use a different element called Tantalum. This is a highly biocompatible and corrosion-resistant metal that is ideal for use in implantable devices. In compression testing, Trabecular Metal Material exhibits a high level of ductility without mechanical failure. With trabecular dental implants, Dr. Ekstein can offer you the future of dental implants today!

CeraRoot Dental Implants: The Health and Versatility of Ceramics

Right now, in the world of implant dentistry, CeraRoot Ceramic Implants represent the only metal-free dental implants available for patients with concerns about metal. CeraRoot implants have a wide range of benefits to consider if you want the healthiest dental implant solution possible:

Biocompatibility – CeraRoot implants are made from the biocompatible material zirconia that assimilates into jaw bone nicely. Studies have shown that CeraRoot implants can integrate with natural bone without inflammation or rejection.

Hypoallergenic – CeraRoot zirconia implants are hypoallergenic, unlike metal implants. Metal sensitivity can show up years after surgery. Itchiness, inflammation, bone loss, and implant failure… CeraRoot can help you to avoid all of those potentialities.

Esthetics – With CeraRoot you’ll never see unsightly grey lines at the gums like you potentially would with other implants or crowns fused to metal.

Corrosion Resistant – Zirconia biocompatible and bioinert. It is not susceptible to chemical corrosion.

Non-conductivity – The fact that zirconia does not conduct heat and electricity is huge. Bacterial growth on zirconia implant is far less likely to adhere due to its non-conductivity. This promotes healthier gums.

Holistic-friendly – CeraRoot implants do not interfere with the movement of energy though the body, giving peace of mind to those who follow holistic health practices.

Strength – CeraRoot implants are built for long-term success and designed to withstand tremendous force. Tooth-like contours and mimic real bone look and feel. Exceptional durability and inflexibility under pressure!

One-piece Design – CeraRoot implants are available in a one piece design which eliminates the risk of bacterial infection.

One-stage Surgery – CeraRoot implants are designed for placement immediately after tooth extraction. This approach minimizes implantation time and can maximize comfort for the patient. Surgery is often less-invasive with CeraRoot.

Comfort – CeraRoot implant patients can benefit from a shorter implant timeframe as well as increased comfort and function with zirconia dental implants.

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“I can’t tell you how many dental implant recipients have come through my office and been blown away by the beauty, functionality, and healthiness of CeraRoot implants. One thing I have always tried to do is offer a holistic approach to oral health to my patients, but not every area of dentistry services has truly holistic excellent options. There can be no doubt that CeraRoot, which a virtually bio-inert and allergy-free is on of those badly needed exceptions. For those who cannot accept or do not want metal dental implants, CeraRoot has it all.” — DR. EKSTEIN

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