Where Should You Go For Implants?

Does it matter WHO handles your dental implants?

YES, absolutely it matters! The most important thing you can understand prior to receiving dental implants from a provider is that not every provider has similar experience and training with dental implants.

Can any dentist offer dental implants?

Yes, and many of course do offer them. However, implant Dentistry is a highly specialized talent and you need to know that ANY general dentist is allowed to place implants — even if they are NOT formally trained to perform these procedures. Be certain that your dental implant work is managed by someone qualified and capable.

What should you be looking for when searching for an implant provider?

Above all, you should be looking for deep experience (many years) and PROOF of positive results. Implant dentistry providers should be willing and able to showcase their own work to you. Review the physical examples of their implant work and ask questions about everything. You simple cannot ask too many questions! How many years have you been placing implants? How many implant patients have you served? Have you ever had to fix implant jobs gone wrong? What are the most complex implant jobs you’ve had to perform?

Dental implant work really needs to be managed by someone who is well qualified and aesthetically gifted. If they are not a seasoned dental implant dentist then you are just inviting problems down the line. The quality is apparent when you see beautifully executed implant dentistry examples. The lack of quality is equally as apparent, and, if a provider is unwilling or unable to show you their work then you’d be better off finding another dental implant provider that can. It’s as simple as that.

Why take chances? Get your dental implant work done right... the first time.

Dr. Richard Ekstein is a deeply experienced Board Certified Prosthodontist providing implants in Bergen County, New Jersey. His North Arlington, NJ office is ready to provide you with unparalleled comfort and top-quality dental implant services.

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