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Smile Design Specialists offers convenient and effective teeth whitening options for everyone through the Phillips Zoom Professional Whitening System®.

When you have a gorgeous, bright smile, you experience a new level of confidence that lights up a room. We are committed to bringing you the bright, white smile you've always imagined. With our help, you'll be the one turning heads. Read on and learn about teeth whitening and what we can do for you.

How Teeth Become Stained

There are a variety of ways that teeth can become stained, including genetic predisposition, environmental factors, medication use, lifestyle choices like smoking and frequently drinking beverages like coffee, soda, tea, and wine. Surface stains that occur on the enamel or beneath the enamel are commonplace and often caused by these beverage choices.

Teeth Whitening Options

When it comes to picking the right whitening solution for your teeth, you have no shortage of options in today's marketplace. Some of these include over-the-counter toothpastes, rinses, whitening strips and professional services. Our doctors offers some of the best choices available, including Philips Zoom in-office and take-home teeth whitening solutions.

How Are Surface Stains and 'Below-the-Enamel' Stains Removed?

Surface stains can be removed with abrasion or chemical reactions. Whitening toothpastes often contain silica molecules that work to polish your enamel. Rechargeable toothbrushes are another great way to remove surface stains because of the bristle action that occurs on the surface of your teeth. For staining of the dentin, the part of the tooth that reinforces enamel and helps support tooth structure, stronger measures will need to be taken.

Are Professional Teeth Whitening Procedures Safe?

Generally, professional teeth whitening services are considered to be very safe. Some whitening products may irritate your gums or cause temporary sensitivity issues, however.

Whitening your teeth professionally is likely the safest way to achieve a whiter smile because the providers have a medical understanding of your oral health and needs. For example, if your dentist understands that you already have sensitivity issues, they can help you select a gentle formula that produces the desired results while taking your sensitivity into account.

Zoom Professional Whitening Options

Zoom Quick Pro (For Light Stains)

Philips Zoom QuickPro whitening varnish can brighten your smile up to four shades and takes just a few minutes to apply at Smile Design Specialists' office. After 30 minutes, you simply brush or wipe off the varnish to reveal a brighter smile.

Zoom NiteWhite Quick (For Light Stains)

Philips Zoom NiteWhite Quick gives you excellent whitening results by utilizing high-potency gels with custom-molded trays that are personalized to fit your teeth. Your results will be quick, convenient and brilliant, and will be optimally achieved in two weeks.

Zoom DayWhite Gentle (For Light to Medium Stains and Sensitive Teeth)

Philips Zoom DayWhite Gentle is similar to Zoom NiteWhite Quick, but is optimized for sensitive teeth. It also utilizes high-potency gels with custom-molded trays that are personalized to fit your teeth. Optimal results will be achieved in two weeks.

Zoom WhiteSpeed (For Medium Stains)

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed in-office treatments can dramatically brighten your smile up to eight shades whiter with a simple, 45-minute process.

Zoom WhiteSpeed Gentle (For Medium Stains and Sensitive Teeth)

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Gentle is similar to Zoom WhiteSpeed, but is optimized for sensitive teeth. It is custom-formulated to a reduced intensity to accommodate sensitivity, but can still get your smile eight shades whiter.

Zoom DayWhite Maximum White (For Medium Stains)

Philips Zoom DayWhite Maximum White gives you amazing whitening results by utilizing high-potency gels with custom-molded trays that are personalized for your teeth. Dramatic results can be achieved in just a few minutes a day, with optimum results in two weeks.

Zoom NightWhite Maximum White (For Medium Stains)

Philips Zoom NightWhite Maximim White works while you sleep to help you achieve dramatic whitening results over a two-week period. It uses the same high-potency gels with personalized trays as the other Philips Zoom products.

Zoom Ultimate Protocol (For Darkest Stains)

Serious stains are no match for Zoom Ultimate Protocol. This system will help you achieve the most dramatic whitening results available and can make your teeth up to 14 shades whiter. It is perfect for patients with deep stains and combines chair-side treatments with take-home treatments.

Zoom DayWhite Pen (For Maintenance)

This pen is ideal for light stain removal and touch-ups. It's a great way to keep your smile bright between treatments, and will give you optimal results in 15

Zoom DayWhite Touchups (For Maintenance)

If you need a quick brightening between whitening sessions, we recommend DayWhite Touch-ups. They are convenient and effective, and each application only takes five to ten minutes as needed.

Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush (For More Effective Brushing)

Make achieving whiter, healthier teeth a part of your daily routine with the most advanced Sonicare toothbrush ever. It has a one-touch power and mode selection, five different brushing modes, up to three weeks of battery life and a USB recharging travel case. Its superior whitening and plaque removal abilities will give you a brushing experience like no other.

If you are interested in learning more about our North Arlington & Kearny teeth whitening services, give us a call at (201) 627-5060 and you'll be smiling brighter before you know it!

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