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TMD and TMJ Treatment in the North Arlington & Kearny Areas

About Our TMD/TMJ Treatment Services

Unfortunately, many doctors are not properly trained and equipped to diagnose TMJ pain and face pain or treat the underlying causes. We often see prescribers resorting to muscle relaxers and pain medications that simply mask the condition rather than help to heal it.

As the knowledge of TMD and TMJ pain has continued to evolve, our team has worked to keep up with it. This means using groundbreaking diagnostic technologies that are capable of locating the neuromuscular force imbalances responsible for the pain. Because we are now able to precisely target the root causes of TMD and TMJ pain, we can treat your condition effectively and noninvasively.

About Neuromuscular Dentistry and What It Can Do for You

Medications and invasive surgical procedures are no longer needed to effectively treat many orofacial pain conditions. Instead, Dr. Ekstein will begin by making a comprehensive diagnosis by finding the cause of your pain. Being aware of the cause will enable our team to create a customized rehabilitation plan for your condition.

Some of the rehabilitation and treatment protocols that we may recommend include:

  • Trigger Point Treatment: Manual manipulation and massage techniques can be quite effective in treating orofacial pain conditions. Massaging the sub-dermal pockets of tension and the trigger points can immediately reduce pain symptoms and associated muscle tension. The goal of this treatment is to ultimately break up the knotty trigger points in the muscles of the face, head, neck and shoulder areas and reduce inflammation so the body can heal naturally. Chronic tension, headaches and migraines that often come with TMJ conditions may be alleviated as well because blood flow to the appropriate areas will increase.
  • Alpha Stim Technology: Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) is useful for patients who need to push low-level electrical signals into the muscles. Our device will deliver a microcurrent with a unique waveform that interacts with the bioelectricity in your body. This will result in reduced muscle spasms that cause pain and promote nerve stimulation to disrupt your body’s pain signals.
  • Beneficial Soundwaves: Ultrasound technology emits sound waves into the musculature and has proven to be successful in treating chronic pain conditions of many types. Ultrasounds are not noisy or painful. Actually, many patients report that it feels pleasant. The sound waves allow us to penetrate the epidermis to our desired depth and treat the appropriate locations. This will return circulation to sore and strained muscles.
  • Cold Laser Technology: Cold laser treatment is used to rehabilitate trigger points with red light or infrared photons. The photons work on the soft tissues of the body to encourage healing. Low-level cold laser reduces both pain and inflammation, and promotes the reconnecting of critical neurological pathways.
  • Bite Force Realignment: Rehabilitation orthodontics restore harmony in the muscles of your head, neck, face, teeth and jaws after they become strained or imbalanced over time. Occlusal adjustments will be used to configure the device over your course of treatment for long-term success. The goal is to get all your muscles working together in tandem. These types of treatments are only offered by trained and experienced neuromuscular dentists like Dr. Ekstein.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let TMD and TMJ pain stop you from living your best life. We know that orofacial pain forces you to make lifestyle changes, and we want to set you free of those obstacles. In a single visit, we will precisely measure the bite forces in your mouth and jaw, measure limitations to your range of motion, and locate pain triggers that require rehabilitation.

Most of the time, orofacial pain can be eliminated, so make an appointment below or call Smile Design Specialists: Richard Ekstein, DMD at (201) 627-5060 and we will help you achieve long-term healing.

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    Dr. Anaheata Esmailzada, DDS (better known as Dr. Ana) left Afghanistan at the age of 16 to pursue her dream in becoming an American dentist. Dr. Anaheata Esmailzada received her doctorate in dentistry from Stony Brook University in Long Island in 2001 where she also earned recognition in the Sigma Beta Honor Society and the Golden Key National Honor Society. In 2003, Dr. Anaheata Esmailzada completed her residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson. Her love of learning how to create healthy ...
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    Dr. Sung Eun (Susie) Kim is a prosthodontist, focusing her career on the combination of full mouth rehabilitation, implant, and aesthetic dentistry. Her interest in dentistry started when she was a social work associate in a federally qualified health center working with patients from all three different departments: dental, medical, and mental health. During this formative year after college, she witnessed how powerfully oral health can transform a person’s overall well-being and self-esteem. ...

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