What Are Dental Implants?

If you clicked on this page, then we would like to thank you for considering dental implants as your preferred tooth replacement treatment. What it also means, is that you want to know more about this amazing service and how it can improve your smile. Let us take you through a brief tour of dental implants and what has made them so successful for many patients like you throughout North Arlington, NJ and beyond. After reading all of this information you think dental implants sound like the right treatment for you, then contact us at Smile Design Specialists to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ekstein — board certified prosthodonist in New Jersey. But first, let’s explore more details about the wonderful properties of a dental implant!

Parts Of A Dental Implant

Dental implants are split into three different pieces.

1) The Titanium Fixture Piece

This piece is usually shaped like a tiny screw and is the first to be attached to the jawbone. After making a small hole, the implant fixture will be inserted like a fence post and left alone to heal. This is also the beginning of an amazing process called osseointegration. (You can read more about the process of osseointegration in the section below.

2) The Abutment

Placing the abutment is the next step in the placement process. This piece is attached to the titanium fixture, and will later act as a strong foundation for the porcelain crow

3) The Porcelain Crown

This final piece is what will be visible above your gum line when you smile. For this reason, Dr. Ekstein will work with you to ensure that your implant crown is both comfortable and precisely matches the shade, shape, texture, and size of your natural teeth.

How Are Implants Placed?

Here is how the dental implant placement process works:

Step 1: The titanium implant fixture is placed directly into the jawbone and the patient is sent home for a period of healing.

Step 2: A middle piece called an abutment is attached to the implant fixture. This piece helps hide the titanium part that is attached to the jawbone.

Step 3: The crown or replacement tooth is created to perfectly match the patient’s own natural teeth. This step is critical because it ensures that your smile will look natural and function perfectly.

Step 4: The crown is attached to the abutment piece and the patient can now smile, eat, and speak with permanent confidence.

Dental Implants And The Osseointegration Process

The way that the bone tissues in your jaw fuse with the fixture piece is called osseointegration and is the main reason dental implants are so successful. When patients lose teeth, the portion of the jawbone that supported those teeth can deteriorate and lose volume over time. The process of osseointegration works to stabilize the bone and prevent further loss of critical jawbone density.

This also means that patients can fill in sunken facial features and reduce the premature wrinkles that are prevalent with missing teeth. Dental implants can also provide assistance to help you eat, chew, smile, talk normally once more. And finally, patients can take years off their appearance with the positive changes that occur with dental implants. In fact, most patients are so pleased with their results that they only wish they had acted sooner.

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